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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cisco Career India,Networking Career in Cisco

Career in Cisco,Cisco Career India

Cisco has a proven record of success in capturing market transitions. From 1997 to the reality of the voice and video would be one, changing networks of networks in 2000 and Red to become the platform for all technologies and solutions center for customers, and transition to the latest market collaboration and Web 2.0 technologies. We owe it to our customers - and listening to their needs, ideas, problems, etc. help define the future and what it takes to succeed. Clients of our strategy and we were ahead of market fluctuations, so we are ready to help our customers evolve, as the industry and needs change.
   Cisco offers several types of diplomas that attest to their competing systems on the network. They are divided into different categories and there are different levels of competition in each category. Certificates come with higher pay scales higher, of course, but the process of obtaining the highest level of Cisco career certification can be very difficult.

Levels of skills and knowledge

According to Cisco itself, there are three levels of certification offered by the company. These levels of certification are listed in order of at least intensive to most intensive, generally performed one after the other to achieve the highest levels of certification.


Associate Certification is the lowest level of Cisco certification, which provides and where most people start their career in the Cisco, if they decide to continue with this certification. The company encourages taking level think of it as a starting point for the higher certification. This is the classification level to strive for if you have very little networking experience and are looking for foot in the door.

This level of certification means you become a professional who is qualified to work in networks that have exceeded the aggregate level of certification. The process of testing this level of certification is very difficult and people who have it are able to address the most commonly seen on the network. They are certainly qualified to be network administrators in medium sized networks and many large networks.

The expert level of certification is the highest you can go to the Cisco Career certifications. It is also the highest level of wages and people with this type of certification are often six-figure income.
Cisco academy
Cisco also divides its certification system of seven different ways. These roads are designed to allow the person to choose the education that best suits their interests. The seven different ways:

  • Design
  • Safety net
  • Routing and switching
  • Service Provider
  • Storage Networking
  • Voice
  • Wireless
  • Data Center

Seven different paths to enable a person to change the Cisco training in careers that are best suited to them. If you are interested in more specific technical field, you can catch fire certifications. There are a wide range of professional certifications that can be found, and, according to Cisco, add several fields of research of this type of certification on a regular basis.

Cisco certifications are among the most coveted in the IT industry. They are very difficult to obtain and requires study and knowledge to achieve. For people who want a certification that is not completely married to a products company, these certifications excellent choice, although they are called Cisco. Networking skills and knowledge necessary to achieve these levels will be transferred to many other manufacturers' products and, of course, Cisco is one of the largest manufacturers of networking technology in the world, making them inherently useful for degrees the people who have, and for people who use these experts.